As an entrepreneur you like to do your own thing. But going alone is not always the best idea.

There comes a time when you need assistance to ensure you and your business reach its full potential. And that’s where hiring an experienced business coach becomes the right decision.

Have there ever been any Wimbledon Winners, Olympic Gold Medal Winners, or Masters Champions who didn't have the benefit of a personal coach? Of course not! To compete at a high performance level athletes know they cannot possibly reach their true potential without the guidance and support of their own personal coach to help them. Even athletes that compete in team competitions have their own personal coach!

At All Star Coaching with Bill Fields we train and mentor in our field of play…Real estate! We provide a total support system for real estate entrepreneurs dedicated to never ending growth and quality of life.

Bill is an expert on how to implement the systems and processes that help scale your business in a predictable and repeatable way. He specializes in creating customized coaching services based on desired outcomes and his sessions combine learning vehicles such as training, professional coaching and consulting. Bill has been a trainer for more than twenty five years, a professional coach with more than 30,000 paid coaching hours over the last 20 years, an owner, a manager and a super successful real estate salesperson. His unique background in sales, management and personal development allows him to help clients in all areas of their real estate business and their life.

A unique differentiation of the personalized coaching programs from Bill Fields is the depth of our customization, which assures you our coaching is aligned to your individual needs and business practices, and is relevant and applicable, even to the most experienced sales professionals. We integrate 40 years of real estate success with the winning systems of the top 17% of the real estate agents in North America today to maximize the impact of your coaching and accelerate behavioral change.

“Bill Fields is the most effective business coach that I have ever had the privilege of recommending to my customers. Bill is a masterful 'change agent and the real deal when it comes to a success coach. I have been referring customers to Bill Fields for many years and look forward to continuing to do so.”
Kelly Lutner Real Living Real Estate


1. Build a BIGGER Customer Base: Help you implement sustainable business strategies to generate consistent sources of new and repeat customers to guarantee the achievement of all productivity and profitability goals and objectives.

What makes you different from your competitors? How to more effectively communicate that difference to more buyers and sellers in your market areas.

2. Improve your systems: Show you how to use systematization, organization and prioritization to effectively manage you team and more efficiently operate a hugely successful real estate business.

3. Get unstuck and develop new ways to attack old problems: Help you to identify business patterns and team dynamics and improve them to allow you to capitalize on your strengths while bolstering your weaknesses: It's easy to think we know ourselves really well and truly understand our strengths and weaknesses. But when it comes to hidden talents and deep desires your coach can help you surprise yourself.

4. Challenge you to try new things: When you reach a certain level it's hard to step outside your comfort zone and do new things a coach will give you the gentle push necessary to help you pursue new opportunities while giving you the tough love not to quit when you encounter obstacles.

5. Provide unbiased 360-degree feedback: One of the big benefits of a coach is that they aren't tied to your organization, your friends, or anyone else. They are tied to you and you only, so they support what you want and where you want your business to go. We will tell you what you need to hear not just what you want to hear.

6. Increase your creativity and innovation: Your coach provides a safe place to hash out ideas, test new concepts and think outside the box. Don't waste time, money and energy trying to reinvent the wheel when we can help you get to the top without the trail and error stage.

7. Holds you accountable to do what you are capable doing: A coach is a built-in accountability partner that nudges and reminds you of what you promised to do, and what you are working towards. It's easy to make promises to ourselves and then break them because we think things are too hard.

You'll never know what you are capable of until someone pushes you outside of your comfort zones. Your coach will help you live up to your true potential while always maintaining a focus on identifying and sticking with your core values.

8. Provides necessary support and encouragement: You'll be amazed at the things you can accomplish when you have someone who believes in what you are doing. Having a support system or hearing the right suggestion can life your spirits when you are down.

With everything going on around you it can be overwhelming, frustrating and even lonely at times. A coach will be there with you the whole time, helping you take the next step towards success.

9. Generates enthusiasm and motivation: No matter how much self-motivation you may have it's sometimes impossible to keep going. That outside push from a coach is what you need to get moving a keep going.

10. Make a bigger profit from your business: Help you to implement the right systems necessary to track your expenses, stabilize your cash flow and maximize the return of every dollar made and invested in your business.

And most importantly, help you make a lot more money, in a lot less time so you can have more time to enjoy your life!

Don't wait join us today!

To accommodate your individual needs All Star Coaching is proud to offer numerous coaching programs each designed to fit specific needs, experience levels and budget.

“I have a work ethic like no other……but working smart is what I needed. Bill has helped to get me on track and additionally to form a productive team. My team and I have doubled our numbers for the last 2 years and are on course to do the same this year. I would highly recommend Bill Fields if you are serious about being productive in real estate.”
Jo-an DeSell DeSell and Company Realtors

“When we first started working together I was a typical, struggling real estate agent just trying to get by. After more than doubling my business IN THE FIRST YEAR of working with you, then DOUBLING IT AGAIN the following year, I am pleased to report that I am now the number one real estate agent in my entire market area. I  consider your expertise and support to be absolutely invaluable to my professional AND personal growth. Thank you for giving me a career.”
Craig Duran Pelican Real Estate

“What more can I say other than AMAZING! Bill can take your business to a new level. He uses new and creative cutting edge techniques that are working now and proven in the industry to increase your business. Thanks Bill!”
Brodie Stephens Realty World Platinum

Not sure which coaching program is right for you? Contact us today for a free, no obligation coaching consultation and let us share some ideas that can help you decide. Click here for a free coaching consultation.


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