Are you running an adult day care center or a for profit real estate company?

In today’s challenging real estate market the best real estate companies, the ones that are showing a profit are being led not managed. All Star Leadership Coaching with Bill Fields was created to help Brokers/owners/mangers develop the skills and daily activities necessary to lead their sales team with purpose to profitability.

In the sports world an athlete doesn't get to the top of their profession without the guidance and support of a coach. Without a coach they would not be able to reach the peak of their performance and achieve success. Hiring a personal coach is the logical next step on your journey to achieving the goals and objectives you have set for yourself and your company.

Leadership coaching is for those special individuals who desire to be among the best of the best brokers, owners and managers in the real estate industry and want the individual attention and direction it takes to gt there.

Leadership coaching takes the habits and secrets of those real estate broker/owners/managers who have built a hugely successful real estate business, modifies them to meet your particular market conditions, your personal strengths and weaknesses, adds weekly feedback and accountability and before you know it your company is hitting monthly production and profitability goals.

Designed for minimum demand on your busy schedule and maximum impact on the productivity of your company, you’ll have the personal attention of and be accountable to Bill Fields, one of the most successful master real estate coaches and trainers in the industry. And while most coaching programs have a "one-size-fits-all" menu, Bill’s unique personalized one on one leadership coaching offers individualized, custom-tailored attention that will guarantee you a dramatic rise in the productivity and profitability of your company.

Leadership Coaching can help you more effectively manage your daily regimen of management activities and utilize your time to achieve a higher level of accomplishment. 

Leadership coaching will also provide you the exact steps needed to boost your recruiting performance. Create laser focus on hiring who you really want and how to use your marketing tools to help you attract and hire them. Bill will personalize the necessary activities into specific daily action steps for you to implement and our weekly recruiting review and accountability sessions will assure the activities are completed successfully. Bill will help you:

* Increase the market share for your company.
* Maximize the productivity of each and every member of your sales team.  
* Teach the agents to solve their own problems. 
* Implement a system to recruit and retain the best agents in your market. 
* Come up with a fresh approach and ideas to solve old problems.   
Create an office business plan and support you in achieving it.
* Create a positive office culture based upon team success.

Our personalized one on one leadership coaching program is perfect for that elite group of real estate brokers, owners and managers who are committed to the success of their office through team building, the effective implementation of systems, managing agent activities, time prioritization, and personal accountability.

Leadership One on One Coaching with Bill Fields includes:

* Weekly 60 minute one-on-one, personal coaching sessions with Bill Fields
* Complete week by week company business building and recruiting action plan
* Coaching Journal and agent activity tracking system
* Unlimited 24/7 access and communication with Bill
* Daily motivational and informational messages from Bill Fields
* FREE VIP access to Bill Fields live training events
* Once a month Master Mind idea share and group session with other top producers




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