Pinnacle Coaching with Bill Fields

Pinnacle: the highest or culminating point of success.

Pinnacle Coaching with Bill Fields is for those special individuals who desire to be among the best of the best!

When you've achieved a certain level of success but want the intensive, personalized direction and attention it takes to reach the top of the summit, this is the program for you!

Designed for minimum demand on your busy schedule and maximum impact on your productivity, you’ll have the individual attention of and be accountable to Bill Fields personally, one of the most successful master real estate coaches and trainers in the industry, with over 35 years of “in the trenches experience”. 

While most coaching programs have a "one-size-fits-all" menu, with inexperienced coaches, Bill’s unique personalized Pinnacle Coaching offers individualized, custom-tailored attention that will guarantee you a dramatic rise in income and an improved quality of life.

Bill believes that to develop an effective coaching-client relationship he must work to draw on the unique strengths of each individual coaching client and help them to maximize their true potential.

Our Pinnacle personalized coaching program is perfect for that elite group of real estate professionals committed to success through team building, the effective implementation of systems, the utilization of duplicate activities, time prioritization, and personal accountability.

Weekly one-on-one private, interactive coaching sessions with Bill allow you to focus on dramatic improvements in very specific areas of your business and life.

Each private coaching session will include a plan of action with instructions for completing specific business building tasks and activities. And most importantly, Bill provides a clear mechanism for accountability and systematized implementation.

The entire team at Bill Fields Learning Systems and All Star Coaching will work together to utilize all of the resources needed to create your ideal (and highly profitable) real estate business.

Pinnacle Coaching with Bill Fields will help you.

* Create, grow and more effectively manage your real estate team
* Develop a personal branding campaign that puts you head and shoulders above your competition
* Put automated business building systems in place to allow you to double your business
* Balance your personal life with the demands of a super-successful business
* Utilize the right technology and tools to manage and grow your business
* Organize, prioritize and systematize a high productivity sales business 
Dramatically improve the profitability of your business
* Make a lot more money in a lot less time and have more time to enjoy your life

Our Pinnacle Coaching Program gives you the methodologies and resources to take your business to a new level of success with incredible results in your sales production, tremendous personal growth and the ability to create meaningful and lasting changes in your attitude, activities and business practices.

Our Pinnacle One on One Coaching with Bill includes:

* Weekly 60 minute one on one coaching sessions with Bill Fields (May be shared with team)
* Complete week by week implementation action plan
* Coaching Journal and activity tracking system
* Unlimited 24/7 cell phone and email access and communication with Bill
* Daily motivational and informational messages from Bill
* FREE VIP access to Bill's live training events 
* Once a month Master Mind idea share and group session with other top producers




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