RISING STARS Coaching Program

Are you a new real estate agent or an agent who has been licensed but not really active in the business? 

Perhaps you've been trying to make the transition from another occupation into real estate full time and haven't had the direction and guidance to make it quick and easy.

Our Rising Stars Coaching Program can help you achieve the success you desire and deserve.

Our unique, activity focused coaching provides the latest tools, techniques and support necessary to separate the average real estate agents from the exceptional real estate professionals with hugely successful businesses.

The secret to creating and maintaining prolonged success in the real estate business is to consistently follow a realistic action plan of daily, weekly and monthly activities combined with effective time management, and proven organization systems.

The challenge for most professionals is staying focused and uncovering the minor adjustments or major changes necessary to be successful - and when you do, having the resources and guidance necessary to make the changes that will move your business and life to the next level.

This activity focused coaching solution is for those real estate professionals that are committed to becoming a consistent top producer and want the tools, support and accountability to help them accomplish that objective.

Rising Stars Coaching with Bill Fields will help you.

* Develop an action oriented plan of activities
* Master the fundamental skills necessary for success
* Add the latest tools and best systems to your business
* Balance your personal and professional life
* Efficiently manage your time, prioritize and organize your business and life
* Get motivated and stay motivated
Double the productivity and profitability of your business
* Make a lot more money in a lot less time and enjoy your life more.

Rising Stars Coaching includes:

* 2-30 minute one on one coaching sessions each month
* 2-60 minute "Action Club" Rishing Stars group coaching sessions each month
* Complete week by week business building action plan
* Coaching Journal and activity tracking system
* Unlimited 24/7 access and communication with personal coach
* Daily motivational and informational messages from Bill Fields
* FREE VIP access to Bill Fields live training events 
* Master Mind idea share and group sessions with industry top producers




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