Are you hoping to have a better year this year than you did in last year?

Of course you are!! Nobody is hoping to have a worse year. Unfortunately less than 20% of the agents hoping to have a better year this year will actually have one. You cannot have a better year simply by hoping it so, if you could everybody would have a better year! To have a better year this year you must have a better plan.

Would you like a plan that will help you add more buyer controlled sales and  more listings sold each month to your closed production numbers this year, and do it in less time than you are now spending? What would your life be like if you doubled your personal production THIS YEAR?

Trail Blazers Coaching with Bill Fields will give you that better plan, a plan to help you achieve the success you desire and deserve.

Successful agents have come to realize that success in the real estate business is no mystery. It is the result of following consistent patterns of habit and behavior, the repeated, flawless execution of presentation and the implementation of proven systems.

When efforts to change yourself or your team have failed—you are frustrated or burned out—a coach can be the outside expert to help you get to the root cause and make fundamental changes.

The reality is that, under the right circumstances, one-on-one interaction with an objective third party coach or consultant can provide feedback and focus that other forms of organizational support simply cannot.

This is because there is a great demand in our industry for immediate results, and coaching can help provide that. How? By providing training, feedback and guidance in real time.

There is no real secret to creating and maintaining consistent and prolonged success in the real estate business. It is the result of consistently following a realistic action plan of daily, weekly and monthly activities combined with the implementation of organization and proven systems.

This activity focused coaching solution is for those experienced real estate professionals that are committed to growing their business to the next level,  and want the tools, support and direction necessary to help them accomplish that objective.

Trail Blazers Coaching with Bill Fields will help you.

* Master the 4 most important components of a successful business
* Spend your time on the 3 parts of your business that matter most
* Put the right systems in place to allow you to do more business
* How to prioritize and balance your personal life with a successful business
* How to utilize the right technology and tools to manage and grow your business
* Set meaningful and achievable goals
Double the productivity and profitability of your business
* Make a lot more money in a lot less time and have more time to enjoy your life

Trail Blazers Coaching gives you the skills and resources to take your business to a new level of success with incredible results in your sales production, tremendous personal growth and the ability to create meaningful and lasting changes in your attitude, activities and business practices.

Trail Blazers One on One Coaching with Bill Fields includes:

* Weekly 30 minute one-on-one, personal coaching sessions
* Complete week by week business building action plan
* Coaching Journal and activity tracking system
* Individual Strength Assessment Inventory
* Unlimited 24/7 access and communication with Bill
* Daily motivational and informational messages from Bill Fields
* FREE VIP access to Bill Fields live training events
* Once a month Master Mind idea share and group session with other top producers




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