Social Media and Technology Seminars

Today’s new high-tech tools are providing us with amazing ways to market ourselves and generate buyer and seller leads. But to be successful we must use our technology to develop and maintain successful relationships not just spend time sitting in front of a computer. This informative program, new for 2016, will show you how to effectively use the latest technology to attract more customers, identify the expectations of today's more sophisticated buyers and sellers, provide a higher level of customer service and complete more real estate transactions successfully.

* How to automate a stay in touch system to build loyalty based relationships with all buyers and sellers
* How to use social networking and today's technology to build a HUGE customer base
* How to easily incorporate video and video messaging to provide more personalized services
* How to develop a personal digital marketing plan to differentiate yourself from your competition
* How to use technology to organize your systems and more effectively manage your business
* How to use technology to manage expectations and create knock your socks off service

*HOW TO TURN $5 INTO $50,000*
You don’t need a huge marketing budget or a personal assistant to set yourself apart from your competitors. Learn how the most successful agents in the business today are using low cost outsourcing and technology tools for services ranging from business promotion, marketing, graphic design, advertisement and social networking to building websites, improving search engine optimization, and creating custom promotional magazines and videos, all for $5 or less!

* What is outsourcing and why is it a top producer's greatest secret weapon
* Where to get anything done for your business and pay only $5
* How to use an amazing FREE digital publishing service to create your own Buyer's Guides and marketing magazines
* What is an info-graphic and how to wow your customers using a FREE info-graphic service
* How to double your internet lead conversions using a powerful FREE video email service
* How to super-charge your social media presence with a simple, FREE tool

The Internet has become one of the top lead sources for buyers and sellers in the industry today, but only for those agents who know how to capitalize on it. This new, information packed program will demonstrate the latest ideas for utilizing the Internet to help every agent and owner to dramatically improve the effectiveness and profitability of their real estate business. The most successful real estate professionals as those utilizing technology to improve their productivity and saving time and money doing it.

* How to take your website from standard to "stand-out"
* How to develop and publish on-line content that drives traffic to your sites
* How to utilizing simple, but effective lead capture systems to double your lead conversions
* How to build cloud based systems that allow you more freedom and time away from the office
* How to use the best email contact system in the business for exploding your business
* How to find and use the 10 best real estate websites for top producers

Facebook, YouTube, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram and more new social media to figure out everyday. Well believe it or not, it's not as difficult as you may think. Thanks to this step by step tutorial .

* How to create a real estate agent Facebook page that get's attention
* How to post the right content to Facebook to build followers and get likes
* How to utilize Twitter as a more effective way to convert your leads into motivated prospects
* How to develop a YouTube Channel that works as your own TV network
* How to use PInterest as a tool to promote your properties and services
* How to use LinkedIn to position yourself as a market expert

Less than one in twenty internet and telephone inquiries from potential buyers and sellers are being converted into closed contracts. This exciting new program demonstrates the steps necessary to immediately increase the effectiveness of your lead conversion skills. Guaranteed to help your team turn more buyer and seller contacts into contracts. Topics include:

● How to utilize automated video email response to build a personalize connection
● How to instantly demonstrate the benefits of using you and your firm
● How to get the prospects to ask you for the appointment
● How to discover the prospects needs and service not sell the prospect
● How to automate a stay in touch system to keep prospects loyal to you until they are ready to act

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Don't see a topic that fits your needs? No problem. Bill and his team will work with you personally to create a new program just for your special needs to insure that the presentation you desire is the one you have delivered to your group.


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