Thank you for another OUTSTANDING performance! We hope you will come back and WOW us again next year.
Miki Bass Vice President Arkansas Association of Realtors

Judging by the responses I have had from our associates and my management team, you were a real first class WOW! I enjoyed very much you thrilling and exciting them with your anecdotes, metaphors and personal experiences. You are a great speaker, regardless of what you tell us.
Bruce Mulhearn President Prudential California Realty Mulhearn Group

Bill Fields has the uncanny ability to present the topic of "creating business" in an entertaining manner that will actually make your sales team WANT to implement his great ideas! If you are looking for someone to energize your group AND provide immediately applicable ideas, than you want Bill Fields.
Bob Hamrick President/CEO Coldwell Banker Premier Realty

Your ideas are FANTASTIC! I went right back to my office and started implementing the ideas I learned from your sessions at The California Realtors convention and guess what? They really work! I'll be looking for you next year.
Jay Margulias Village Realty

I'm a Broker with over 12 years of experience, and a company owner. Lets face facts; times are tough. The motivation and new found excitement about real estate has given me and my agents the power to make changes in our daily activities that has given us successful results. I strongly recommend Bill's programs if you want to be successful in ANY market.
David Haemker Premier Real Estate

After speaking with some of our affiliates who attended your management and agent programs I would like to thank you for the great job you did at our GMAC and Real living Real Estate Conventions. I continue to receive compliments from brokers who are having increased success and for over a year now I have been hearing about the improvement of agent performance when they engage and follow your systems. The results are speaking for themselves and I hope to see more brokers and agents attending your programs in the future. It has been a pleasure working with you and I look forward to our continued success together. Thanks.
Jim Toulon Senior Vice President Real Living Real Estate

I can't express a large enough THANK YOU for bringing Bill Fields to Tucson Realtors. He blows every other real estate speaker/trainer out of the water and isn't boring. I'll pay to see him again and again.
Roger McMahon Success Realty

Thank you for the GREAT information you shared during your incredible presentation at our Realtor's convention! I appreciate your insight and experience and the way you get us thinking out of the box. You have helped me immensely with my confidence by helping me to think on my toes and to be prepared for anything that comes my way. Thanks again!
Robert Alvarez The Real Estate Group

Where does one begin to sing Bill's accolades? I brought Bill to New York for a very special program and he rocked the house! He motivated, inspired, and entertained while giving us the information we need to get us where we need to be in today's competitive market! So many thanks!
Jonathan Lerner Five Corners Real Estate

I came into this business in 1985. I slowly moved my way up to a top agent in Door County. In 1990 we became a Coldwell Banker franchise and you were their preferred speaker it seems. I enjoyed your seminars and I think went to 3 different programs. I became the top agent in our firm and in 1995 bought the firm. The next time I had a chance to see you I had my doubts about learning anything new but I went remembering how much I enjoyed your seminars and found it just as interesting.I left that seminar and hit my goal in August and have increased it for the rest of the year. I am comfortably into 6 figures for the first time in my life and thank God I went to your seminar. Thanks.
Scott Bader Coldwell Banker

I just want to thank you for the reality check and new hope you have inspired in me during your session at the convention! I feel as though I am going through "Real Estate Boot Camp" for winners! LOL! I definitely need someone like you to lead me in the right direction; a person with a "can do" attitude who leaves behind a positive residue.
Bonnie Franco Tri-County Real Estate

I can’t tell you how happy I am with the progress I’ve made since I started following Bill Fields' systems for success. Last year at this time after only 9 months my sales were up 197% over my sales the previous year. Wow! This year as of today my sales are up another 125% over last year… Do the math!!! I will go anywhere to see Bill Fields live again.
John Loveless Results Real Estate

Simply the best real estate training available for both the new and experienced agent or broker/manager in today’s market. No matter whom else is speaking Bill's programs are always "DO NOT MISS" on my list.
Sergio Martinucci Sudler International Real Estate
It is not as easy as I thought it would be going from a broker/ owner back to an agent but your programs made me focus on not where I have been but where I want to go. I am only looking forward and with your systems you make sure that I keep doing that. I have not been in a Bill Fields session when I haven’t learned something new and I have been selling products all over the world.
John Walsh Metro Brokers
Bill you're the best speaker and trainer any agent can have, you brings tears to my eyes. Thank you for never doubting me; I am going to be impossible to stop.
Laurie Teixerias Great West Real Estate
20 units sold this month! Thanks for the encouragement, my life has changed because of you. I am so glad they brought you to Atlantic City. I hope they bring you back soon!! Keep the faith.
Emily Christian Farley and Ferry Real Estate

Just a bit of a success story! Since I attended your program my sales have taken off. Yesterday my Broker stopped by my office and stated "boy that program has really helped you". Then later another agent came by and said wow you are really doing well. Thanks again for all you have done for me.
Virginia Restovich One Stop Realty
I am thankful for the recommendation and introduction to Bill Fields! Attending his training program was truly the wisest investment I’ve made in my real estate career. The plethora of information, resources and support that I received was phenomenal! His program was so well organized and put together with a surfeit of information and support that anyone who follows it will double, triple or quadruple their income in real estate! What a return on investment! How can an agent afford not to follow Bill's systems?
Rita Matthews Real Estate Professionals

Bill is a get-it-done, no-holds-barred real estate "genius". If the agents and brokers follow his program, they are destined to succeed. Several of these agents have earned "Rookie of the Year" titles in their respective boards and at the franchise level, and often end up one of the top producers at their brokerage. I would eagerly recommend Bill to any agent who wants to improve their production and workflow, and to brokers, owners and managers who want to improve their profitability and recruiting.
Kelly Martin Real Living Real Estate

I have been a real estate broker for 12 years and about two years ago I saw the market changing. After going to several days of seminars given by Bill Fields, I was very impressed and decided that getting into the coaching program would help to open some avenues and direction that would allow me to be most productive. I have a work ethic like no other……but working smart is what I needed. Bill has helped to get me on track and additionally to form a productive team. My team and I have doubled our numbers for the last 2 years and are on course to do the same this year. I would highly recommend Bill Fields if you are serious about being productive in Real Estate.
Jo-an DeSell DeSell and Company Realtors

I have been focusing this morning on something you said  in your program yesterday. I am no longer working ON my real estate business; I am working in my real estate business. I am excited at what this next year is going to bring! I plan on being in the moment each day. You are inspiring me. Have a great day and THANK YOU!!!
Diana Johnson Morgan Realty Group
Ever since I quit making excuses and started doing the right things everyday my business has changed and I love it. If it wasn’t for your program I don’t believe I would be doing as great as I am. Anyway, I just wanted to share my great news. That puts me at 10 for July.
Rusty Rains Team Advantage Real Estate

At the time I first met you, I had plans of 2 listings per month with 1 or 2 sales per month. I thought this would be 
good in relationship to other agents in the area and agents in my office. Your program encouraged me to look higher. So I doubled those numbers. Now my goal was 4 listings a month with 3 to 4 sales a month. With your ideas I achieved these goals last week. It only took me 10 days. I still have a lot of the month left. Thanks!!
Phil Bremer First Realty

I just wanted to take a moment to say thanks for everything that you have done for me over the last 2 1/2 years. When we first started working together I was a typical, struggling real estate agent just trying to get by. After more than doubling my business IN THE FIRST YEAR of working with you, then DOUBLING IT AGAIN THIS YEAR, I am pleased to report that I now know that I am in control of my business and career. I am look forward to continuing our relationship for many years to come and consider your expertise and support to be absolutely invaluable to my professional AND personal growth. Thank you for giving me a career.
Craig Duran Pelican Real Estate

One idea that I followed will pay for 6 months of coaching after only being in the course for 1 week. That speaks volumes! I’m still here three years later and still getting golden nuggets every week. Thanks!
Steve Davis Indevco Real Estate
Thanks for all of the help you have provided to Jan and I. I still say that the best money we ever spent in the real estate business was on your program. You can quote me on that.
Joe and Jan Wallace Amerivest Realty

Bill Fields has been an instrumental business coach. Bill has a terrific system to build on the fundamentals of real estate and even though the fundamentals tend to be pushed aside when we look for the new “silver bullet”, Bill keeps his clients focused what’s important.
Larry Doss Mingtree Realty

I am grateful to Bill for holding me accountable and sharing his experiences with me. I encourage everyone to get out of their comfort zones and put a little trust into what Bill has in store for you. It's well worth the training and effort once you start growing your office, you won’t regret it. Here's to you and taking the first step in becoming an All Star.
Ben Baca Best Homes Realty

Bill has been a great help in keeping me on track and focused upon the chore at hand. His insight, straight talk and real estate knowledge allows him to cut to the chase and get me the answers I need to help build my business. I highly recommend Bill’s training and his All Star Coaching Program.
Gary May Success Realty

I have been coaching with Bill for almost 2 years now and I wish I had started sooner. He has been instrumental in teaching, training, and focusing me and my company on the life blood of a real estate brokers success. I have also successfully offered 3 months of personal coaching with Bill, as a carrot, once a prospective agent joins our team. No other broker in our area is as willing as I am, with Bill, to invest in their future success through coaching. Without a doubt, Real Estate Professionals would have ceased to exist without Bill Fields. I consider him a good friend that will not only listen with empathy but also be firm to keep me on track and focused on the areas that I can directly affect.
Ross Domke Real Estate Professionals

All Star Coaching is great, Bill gives the information in short concise segments and follows up to make sure you understand what he has given you. Bill is very passionate about what he does, and truly cares about my success.  One day I emailed him with something I was struggling with and within 15 minutes, my phone rang and he said, “Let’s talk about this.”  I had struggled for 2 weeks and wham one email and he was there to help me through it.
Diana Johnson Port Clinton, OH

I have been in the real estate business 9 years.  Bill Fields’ Program has put a huge spark into my business.  The activities he teaches you really turns your business into a machine that produces activity in buyer leads and also listing leads.  It was just what I needed.
Tobe Turpen Steinborn Real Estate

One of the best decisions I have made in some time was working with Bill Fields!! Since starting the coaching sessions, with the guidance and ideas learned from the program my business has exploded. I would definitely say the program is an "action plan for success!" 
Lisa Foster Real Property Group

Bill’s training program has truly been the wisest investment I’ve made thus far in my real estate career.  The plethora of information, resources, and training that I have received up to this point have been phenomenal!  This program is so well organized and put together with a surfeit of information and coaching that anyone who follows it will double, triple or quadruple their income!  What an investment!  Bill Fields said the other day, “How can an agent/Realtor afford not to join All Star Coaching?”  And you know; he is absolutely right!”
Bob Franks Real Estate All Stars

Just FYI, before you I had another coach I used for three years. The cost was $1,000 per month and you have to sign a 12 month contract. Your coaching is much better.
Greg Garrett Greg Garrett Real Estate

Bill, EXCELLENT!  I have been studying diligently and rearranging my listing presentation, script practicing ever since.  There was so much info, I couldn't write fast enough - and I'm a good note-taker.  You are awesome!  Thanks
Karen Windeler
Distinctive Real Estate

Absolutely Awesome" After one week of intensive training, I'm motivated and inspired by Bill Fields and his training tactics. I have picked up two new clients in the first week!!!!  Thank you for the JUMPSTART in my career”.
April Casanova Steinborn Real Estate

Since I started working with Bill Fields, I have noticed a dramatic change in my attitude and work ethic.  I am much more positive and much more productive because of it.  I am doing things I never felt comfortable about doing, but now they are like second nature and they are paying off!!  I am very happy I joined the All Star Coaching.
Charles Townsend Premier Real Estate

Bill has helped me build my confidence and skills to a level I thought was never possible.  My goals are being met, and I am enjoying real estate to the point it seems more like a hobby than a career!  I wanted to stand out from all of the other agents in my market and I am.  My level of activity and results has more than tripled and I am doing it in less time!  Thank you for giving us this great opportunity!”
Kelly K. HigbeaButler Mohr Real Estate

As an agent whose been in the business for a few years, I say, without reservation, it's never too late to learn something new.  I am very pleased with my decision to become an active participant in your program. The structure, schedule of activities and weekly follow up sessions are key elements to my business and personal successes.  I have increased the volume of weekly activities and my efforts are beginning to show a larger number of opportunities. Bill and his team are always available to help in any way they can.  This has been a very rewarding experience and I would recommend this program for anyone seeking ways to improve their Real Estate career.
Rosemary Cauley, Family Realty

Working with Bill Fields is like going to a National Convention every week.  We share ideas every week, and he holds me accountable in implementing and expanding these ideas.  I'm a Broker with over 12 years of experience, and a company owner.  Let's face the facts; times are tough.  The motivation and new found excitement about real estate has given me and my agents the power to make changes in our daily activities that has given us successful results.  I strongly recommend Bill's services if you want to be successful in any market.
David Haemker Premier Real Estate

Bill is the "real deal" coach who has spent time in the trenches. He knows what he is talking about and he has an uncanny ability to "cut to the chase" and get me moving in the right direction. With his help, I was able to have one of my best years ever, and that is in this "down" market. His weekly webinars are an added bonus and always loaded with great tips.

Bob Mitchell Real Estate Professionals

We have worked with Bill for the last 4 years; he is an extraordinary individual who really brings insight and direction to our group. Along with his background, knowledge and skill level in the business, he has helped our leadership grow, which in turn has allowed our organization to be more efficient, profitable, and more importantly one of the upcoming leaders in our market.
Joe Acosta Best Homes Real estate

Bill Fields is the most effective business coach that I have ever had the privilege of recommending to my customers. Bill is a masterful 'change agent'; he understands the fine differences between leadership, training, coaching and engagement and moves with tremendous ease and skill between each of these roles when working with his clients. Bill is the real deal when it comes to a coach. I have been referring customers to Bill Fields for many years and look forward to continuing to do so.
Kelly Lutner Real Living Real Estate

Bill is an excellent coach that will keep you on track, accountable and loving it while you are doing it. I would highly recommend him for his real estate coaching and his recruiting coaching.
Sheri Jones

As a Broker owner I use Bill’s training program exclusively. And when I became State President he was the headline speaker at my convention. He knows how to make agents and companies profitable with his tried and true methods. To me he is one of the elite Real Estate Trainers and Speakers in the Country.
Bob Zoretich Zoretich Real Estate

I hired Bill as my coach when I was a decidedly average real estate agent in Kansas City. I'll never forget our first session when I learned how little I actually knew. A few years later, I was the top agent in the KC Metro area, due in large part to what I learned from Bill. He's stayed a great friend all these years.
Bob Ferguson Shakley International

Since I have been coaching with Bill Fields my business has taken off on in a positive direction. I no longer see myself as a salesperson, but as a real estate professional helping people fulfill their real estate needs. Bill has provided me with the tools to become a more knowledgeable and productive professional. If you are thinking about coaching, I highly recommend Bill.

Cheryl Slaughter Realty Professionals

In my opinion, you can take your Real Estate career in one of two directions. You can go it alone struggling to get things implemented and take years learning all the little life lessons of what and what not to do. Or you can work with Bill who has perfected the strategies for a successful career. I no longer fear that I may be coming off as a “pushy” sales person because I provide consumers the level of service they need and deserve. Bill has been a tremendous asset in my career.
Tom Omnus Real Estate Now

I started working with Bill in January. In the first quarter I have already closed more in sales than I did for the entire year of 2011. He has completely changed my thinking about how I handle my clients and my potential clients. I truly can't thank him enough for what he has done for me. My "Rock Star" coach! Thank you Bill!
Amy Fore Legay Real Estate

What more can I say other than AMAZING! Bill can take your business to a new level. He uses new and creative cutting edge techniques that are working now and proven in the industry to increase your business. Thanks Bill!
Brodie Stephens Realty World Platinum

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