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Are you looking for an inspirational and informative speaker for a convention, sales rally or special event?

When you choose a speaker to provide a keynote address or training experience to your team, you want results. You want someone who not only delivers a presentation that has impact, but also provides specific action steps that can be used by the participants to implement the information into their own business or life practices.

You want RESULTS because in today’s competitive environment, every choice needs to be the right one.

The choice you need is Bill Fields!

With over 40 years of practical “in the trenches” entrepreneurial experience Bill possess subject matter command as well as gifted presentation skills which he combines with exceptional meeting management to produce a seamless and gratifying learning experience for all attendees.

If you want your audience to be challenged, if you want to go where they have never been before, then Bill is the speaker for you!

Bill delivers exciting, fast paced programs that are guaranteed to inspire and inform everyone who attends. Using a variety of tools and technology, every program if the highest quality and designed to optimize learning and skill development.

Whether you are looking for a guest speaker to address your conference or a complete learning experience for your team, we offer relevant, up to date programs on topics that every sales professional, manager and owner need to know to be successful in today’s challenging business environment.

Check out some of Bill’s most popular programs:

Based on Bill’s best-selling book of the same name, this inspirational, high energy program offers 10 specific lessons to help you turn life’s setbacks into successful comebacks! Do you ever feel like the life of your dreams is slipping away from you? It doesn’t have to be that way. Join Bill as he shows you how to overcome your self-imposed limitations and obstacles to live a more fulfilling life and achieve the success and happiness you deserve.
* How to awaken the dreamer than lives inside you and create BIG dreams
* Why your potential is only limited by your imagination and how to release yours
* How to turn your obstacles and problems into HUGE opportunities
* Simple and fun steps for eliminating the bad habits standing in your way
* How to develop the hidden key to success and happiness
* How to turn your attitude into the fuel you need to lift your altitude

Are you running a successful business and enjoying the successful lifestyle you desire too? Did you know the top 17% of the entrepreneurs are actually making more money, doing it in less time and taking more time to enjoy their life? Stop listening to what other people say and develop a strategy that will help you grow a successful business and enjoy the life you desire and deserve. Topics include:
* Where 83% of the business is now generated and how to increase your share
* The ten habits you must practice every day
* 5 great ideas for working smarter not harder
* How to develop an attitude that creates action not frustration
* How to develop the passion you need to assure your success
* The best tools available that actually increase productivity and save time doing it

National surveys show that less than 25% of our clients will become long term repeat customers of our companies. This fast paced, information packed program will demonstrate how to turn that one time customer experience into a customer for life. Specific ideas for every member of your team including the staff, sales professionals and management. Topics include:

  • What are the 10 commandments of customer service and how to deliver them every time
  • How to ask your customers what they want and then how to deliver it to them
  • How to make your systems “easy to do business with”
  • How to create a D.R.E.A.M. customer service experience
  • How to bring the customer back again and again
  • How to use VIP customer service to double your referrals

Today’s new high-tech tools are providing us with amazing ways to market ourselves and generate buyer and seller leads. But to be successful we must use our technology to develop and maintain successful relationships not just spend time sitting in front of a computer.

This informative program, new for 2018, will show you how to effectively use the latest technology to attract more customers, identify the expectations of today’s more sophisticated customers, provide a higher level of customer service and complete more sales.
* How to automate a stay in touch system to build loyalty based relationships with all customers
* How to use social networking and today’s technology to build a HUGE customer base
* How to easily incorporate video and video messaging to provide more personalized services
* How to develop a personal digital marketing plan to differentiate yourself from your competition
* How to use technology to organize your systems and more effectively manage your business
* How to use technology to manage expectations and create knock your socks off service

There’s always room for growth and sky’s the limit. Let me help you explore where your limit as an entrepreneur is!

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