No B.S. Training Workshops Launch MONDAY JANUARY 21st, 2019


  • Make More Money
  • In A Lot Less Time
  • And Enjoy Your Life More?


Six intense, high-impact 60 minute training workshops provide you a step by step, easily implementable approach to immediately create, GROW and operate a successful real estate business regardless of your experience level or current market conditions. 

No B.S. Training Workshops is a one of a kind advanced career development training program that provides you with the specific steps to master the fundamentals and perfect the advanced skills necessary to achieve success in a changing real estate landscape.

Every 60 minute live No B.S. Prospecting Workshop will be packed full of information that is street smart, practical, implementable and will have an immediate positive impact on your real estate business. Topics include:

  • *Goal Setting/Business Planning/Time Management
  • *Three Keys to Mastering Fanatical Prospecting 
  • *4 C’s of Identifying and Pursuing “High-Value, High-Probability” Opportunities
  • *3 Simple Steps to Eliminate “Call Reluctance”
  • *How to Convert the For Sale by Owner and Expired Listing Owners
  • *6 Top Producer Secrets to Finding More Motivated Sellers
  • *How to Go On One Listing Appointment Every Day
  • *How to Close (Or Win) More Listing Opportunities
  • *How to Double Your Buyer Controlled Sales
  • *How to Run a Successful Real Estate Business
  • How to Double Your Buyer Controlled Sales

    Each week you will have a front row seat to a live web broadcast event with master trainer and coach Bill Fields as he shares business building ideas that the top[ 17% of great real estate sales people do but average sales people only think about.

And unlike video based training these LIVE sessions are completely interactive and participation is encouraged.

Trying to be a successful real estate agent without mastering prospecting is like a 5 star chef trapped on a deserted island…It doesn’t matter how great you can cook if you don’t know how to hunt!

17% of the agents now control 83% of the business done in real estate!!

Are you hoping to be part of the top 17% this year? Of course you are! So is everyone else!

But you can’t get there just by hoping.

What are YOU willing to DO to accomplish that objective?

What do the top 17% of agents do that the bottoms 83% do not do?
Prospect for listings every single day!!

Why focus on listings?

  • • Focus on the sellers and the buyers will come to you.
  • • You control your income
  • • You control where and with whom you work
  • • Easier to control your time
  • • Higher conversion ration

No B.S. Training Workshops launch Monday January 21, 2019

All 6 Workshops PLUS All Workbooks and Bonuses $499
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Real estate is a game of numbers… YOU must make more contacts if you want to make more contracts!

Do you realize it will actually take you less time to achieve your desired goals and objectives if you concentrate your efforts on mastering the fundamentals of prospecting for business instead of dissipating your energies by trying to do a lot of different things but never really mastering any of them?

To be successful you need to focus your attention and effort to acquire the necessary knowledge, know-how and motivation. Each week we will be focusing our energies on mastering the prospecting skills, tools and techniques you will need to grow your business and life to the next level.

Bill Fields is one of those rare individuals today who actually does what he talks about and he has the track record to prove it!

Bill’s “in the trenches” real estate sales experience includes.

*Averaging 12 listings and 10 sales per month!
*Personally listing over 500 for sale by owners

Bill’s prospecting methods are currently being used by some of the most successful agents and brokers in the business today!


Monday January 14th 1:00-2:00PM EST
* Goal Setting/Business Planning/Time Management 
Monday January 21st 1:00-2:00PM EST
* Replacing Fear with NO B.S. Fanatical Prospecting 
Monday January 28th 1:00-2:00PM EST
* FSBO Means I Love You!
Monday February 4th 1:00-2:00PM EST
* Capturing and Converting Expired Owners
Monday February 11th 1:00-2:00PM EST
* The World’s Most Powerful Listing Presentation
Monday February 18th 1:00-2:00PM EST
* Double Your Buyer Controlled Sales

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Are you ready to grow your real estate business to the next level and achieve the success you deserve?

All Six Workshops $499
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No B.S. Training Workshops launch Monday January 21st, 2019

Would You Like to Make Twice the Money in Half the Time?

NO B.S. Training Workshops will show you:

  • • How to Build and Maintain an Inventory of Salable Listings
  • • How Ordinary Salespeople Create Outrageous Listing Success
  • • How to Generate 7 New Opportunities from EVERY Listing
  • • How to Implement a No B.S. Business Building Plan
  • • How to Meet 1,200 New Prospects EVERY Year
  • • How to Handle Any Seller Objection
  • • How to Use the Principle of Fair Trade to Convert Sellers
  • • How to Remove the 10 Biggest Obstacles to Your Prospecting Success

Did you know…
84% of the property owners who try to sell FSBO end up using an agent. 

The question is not rather or not they will use an agent. The question is will it be you?
Learn the most successful for sale by owner conversion system in the real estate business today.

Did you know…
68% of homeowners who are not successful selling their property with one agent end up using the services of a different real estate professional to help them.

To be successful our job is not to demonstrate they need a real estate professional but to demonstrate they need a different real estate professional to help them.

No B.S. Training Workshops will help you expand your reach, tap your hidden potential and will give you practical everyday techniques with which to turn your listing goals and profitability objectives into reality.

To be a great listing agent you must work all of the available sources of listings.
• Don’t try to find people who like you
• Look for people who need you

It’s easier to find the people with a need if you know where to look.

Many of the most successful real estate agents in the industry are using these principles to convert thousands of potential leads into good sellable listings. You can too!

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No B.S. Training is a formula for change, for growth, for success, for becoming the best listing agent you can possible be.
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No B.S. Training Workshops launch Monday January 21st, 2019

All Six Workshops and All Workbooks and Bonuses $499
Registration TODAY for Only $199!

Don’t Wait Register TODAY and SAVE!

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